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the broken altar

Mike Rollo | 2013 | O.V. English | Canada | 20min | color

Synopsis :

The Broken Altar is a portrait of open-air theaters documented under the strange light of day, emptied of the once present hum of human voices, radioed-in soundtracks and tires on gravel. Scripting the landscape and exploring the residue of a cinematic history, The Broken Altar forms a sculptural treatment of the architectural artifacts of these abandoned spaces: speaker boxes rise from tall grass like grave markers and the screens themselves are monumental, sepulchral in their peeling whiteness.

Parcs d'attraction ( 6 films )

Amusement parks: ultimate temples of consumerism, relics of a bygone era or souvenirs of a childhood filled with wonder? Possibly all these things at once, considering the conflicting impressions they inspire. Strangely beautiful or strangely ugly... it all depends on who’s looking.