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tokyo giants

Nicolas Provost | 2012 | O.V. Japanese | S.T. English | Belgium | 22min | color

Synopsis :

Subverting dramaturgical conventions in his Plot Point trilogy, Provost presents the man in the street as a film protagonist. After New York (Plot Point) and Las Vegas (Stardust) he takes his hidden camera to the hyperkinetic streets of Tokyo in search for the mystery of reality. A serial killer, a rapist, a terrorist, a cult, the Yakuza, all have in common that their paths cross and merge into a powerful climax that can not be resolved.

Des villes et des hommes ( 5 films )

A recurring cinematictheme is man in the city. Aimlessness, loss, absence, overwhelming strangeness — these are choreographies of the beyond-ordinary,where the city becomes a stage for our desires and fears. With Nicolas Provost, João Rui Guerra Da Mata, João Pedro Rodrigues, Yan Giroux...