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to become, shift, transfer, copy and erase janet leigh

Jeroen Offerman | 2013 | O.V. without dialogue | Netherlands | 19min | B & W

Synopsis :

A short film about repetition and looking at differences and details. And about auditioning to the bathroom mirror for a role in the Mother of all Murder Scenes. Camera angles and editing remain loyal to the original shower scene from Psycho, but tiny differences or flagrant changes make its construction transparent. The famous shower scene from Hitchcock's Psycho serves as the starting point for examining whether an actor and the character they play can be separated, by making several variations. And can the bare bones of a scene be revealed by removing the actor entirely?

Expérimentations 1 ( 9 films )

Of all stripes... Featuring (successful) formal exercises and evocations (of all stripes), an impassioned anthology of films that constantly push the language of cinema and the limits of our perception based on material ranging from nature, film stock, the world and medical imaging to the shower scene from Psycho.