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cod liver oil and cream caramels ( tran & fløtekarameller )

Guro Saniola Bjerk | 2013 | O.V. Norwegian | S.T. English | Norway | 8min | color

Synopsis :

Boarding school life is, for many, an unpleasant experience. Yet, there are also beautiful little moments to be remembered. We are to bring forth memories from an era lost in the rubble of a dormitory. Solvang boarding school is a colossus, a blot on one the world’s purest and most beautiful natural landscapes in one of the world’s richest countries. We want to keep memories from back then alive, as the weather and storms do their best to destroy them.

Jusqu'au bout du monde... ( 6 films )

A program with the theme of exploration, memory and the great Djibril Diop Mambéty. Still explorations in time and space, somewhere else or a dream of somewhere else, where fragments of memory and sensations compete for the leading role.