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Deco Dawson | 2013 | O.V. without dialogue | Canada | 7min | color

Synopsis :

“As a child we all share fond memories of the carnival. For me it was in Sturgis, Saskatchewan. Sadly ‘Sturgis Days’ is no more; the great hill sits empty. Luckily children todaystill have the travelling Wonderchoses to fill their own childhood memories with, its enduring spirit remains in your heart and ripe for a reawakening.” — Deco Dawson

Parcs d'attraction ( 6 films )

Amusement parks: ultimate temples of consumerism, relics of a bygone era or souvenirs of a childhood filled with wonder? Possibly all these things at once, considering the conflicting impressions they inspire. Strangely beautiful or strangely ugly... it all depends on who’s looking.