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syrie en cour(t)s : programme 2

| 2013 | O.V. without dialogue | Syria | 90min | color

Synopsis :

Despite what many may think, people still manage to make films in a war-torn country like Syria. In fact, filmmakers there are adopting a highly eclectic approach, relying on very diverse techniques, and also conveying an incredible sense of freedom. - Commissaires Curators Ruba Al Chaer, Omar Faleh

Program 2 Despite the violence and brutality ravaging their country, these young filmmakers seek to reveal traces of humanity in Syria. They work at lightning speed and embody both the past and future of filmmaking. Also, they aren’t afraid to use the web and small screen to develop a cinematic language that’s highly original and politically radical. Section 2 of the program spotlights key films by Bassel Shehadeh, a talented young Syrian, who died from a rocket explosion in May 2012 while helping out citizen journalists in the besieged city of Homs.

Section 1 Conte de printemps (Dani Abo Louh, Mohamad Omran | 4 min 55) ABCDoublespeak (Yasmeen Fanari | 3 min 21) In Fear of Eurabia (Yasmeen Fanari | 1 min 40) Syria (Khalil Younes | 3 min 02) The Boot de Waw (Al Wasel Collective | 6 min 40) Bullet (Khaled Abdulwahed | 2 min 02) Slot in Memory (Khaled Abdulwahed | 2 min 25) Boom (Khaled Abdulwahed | 2 min 15)

Section 2 Bonjour (3 min 05) Saturday Morning Gift (3 min 51) Streets of Freedom (Bassel Shehadeh | 24 min 28)