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la croisée des chemins

Francine Pelletier | 2012 | O.V. French | Quebec, Canada | 65min | colour and B & W

Synopsis :

Who are we? Where are we heading? Understanding ourselves, choosing the paths we’ll take and deciding our future aren’t easy steps for us as individuals. But for a society, they’re even harder, especially for one like Quebec that’s still weighing the pros and cons of becoming its own country. The 2012 student protests, triggered by the government’s decision to hike tuition and soon growing into a much broader and deeper social movement, certainly focused Quebec’s attention on these issues. Yet for many people, the election victory of the Parti québécois on September 4, 2012, and its actions since coming to power haven’t delivered the solutions needed. À la croisée des chemins features interviews with Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and Jean-François Lisée, two natives of Thetford Mines and key players in the “maple spring,” as well as by Gilles Duceppe, Jean-René Dufort, Françoise David, Dominic Champagne and Fred Pellerin. The film looks back on what many hoped would be a watershed year and examines the real impact this period had on individuals and society as a whole.