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triptyque ( triptych )

Robert Lepage, Pedro Pires | 2013 | O.V. French, German, English | S.T. English | Quebec, Canada | 90min | color

Synopsis :

Michelle, who has psychiatric problems, runs a bookstore in Quebec City. Her sister Marie is a jazz singer who risks losing her ability to speak in an impending surgery. Thomas is a brain surgeon with a hand tremor. The lives of all three will intersect to create a narrative geometry with vectors going from Quebec City to London and back again, by way of the Sistine Chapel. A trio of overlapping destinies that build on each other, ultimately merging to form a sublime, deeply touching work, Triptych is informed by memory, language and identity: three notions intricately linked in a plotline that never deviates from the pathways, neural and otherwise, from brain to voice. In this haunting adaptation of his 2007 theatre work Lispsync, Robert Lepage makes a spectacular return to the big screen ten years after The Far Side of the Moon (2003). He teams up again with long-time collaborator Pedro Pires (Danse macabre, Hope) to form a directorial duo for whom visual experimentation and obsession on a given theme go hand-in-hand. A voyage of discovery into the notion of transmission, Triptych is a search for meaning through the mysteries of neuropsychology.