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in bloom ( grzeli nateli dgeebi )

Nana Ekvtimishvili, Simon Gross | 2013 | O.V. Georgian | S.T. French | Georgia, Germany, France | 102min | color

Synopsis :

In Bloom is the story of two teenaged girls, Eka and Natia, set in a dilapidated Tbilisi just after the fall of the Soviet Union. Life is far from carefree when you’re just 14 and the world all around you is descending into misery, instability and generalized social violence. Austere, masterful performances from Lika Babluani and Mariam Bokeria in the two lead roles anchor the film in a troubling realism and keep the viewer on edge, barely able to keep a grip on the rapidly unfolding plot. This first feature film from Simon Gross and Nana Ekvitimishvili is a nuanced consideration of the status of women in a society marked by the physical and moral dominance of men. The film benefits from sublime camerawork by Romanian cinematographer Oleg Mutu (Beyond the Hills, In the Fog, My Joy); the single long shot of Eka performing a traditional dance is a particularly heart-stopping picture of grace and self-assurance. In Bloom is a new window onto Georgian cinema which we hope will remain open for years to come.