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all is lost

J.C. Chandor | 2013 | O.V. English | United States | 106min | color

Synopsis :

A single sailboat floats in the ocean just off the coast of Madagascar. After being hit by an abandoned shipping container full of Chinese running shoes, it begins to take on water. There’s a storm. And then another. At the centre of it all is a lone man battling the elements with impressive strength, skill and determination. But will that be enough? After wowing audiences with his excellent financial thriller Margin Call, director J.C. Chandor has created a veritable tour de force of filmmaking, captivating and terrifying the viewer with this near-silent, solitary tale that will take your breath away. Chandor’s powerful and precise direction elevates this survival story to a grand scale, showcasing the vengeful power of Mother Nature in the face of man’s commercial ambitions. But as good as it is, All is Lost would be nothing without the exceptional talents of Robert Redford, who carries the entire film on his shoulders. While the actor previously played a solitary man fighting to survive in 1972’s Jeremiah Johnson, he’s never been as majestic and moving as he is in this film, which screened out of competition at this year’s Cannes festival.