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Bruce LaBruce | 2013 | O.V. English | Quebec, Canada | 90min | color

Synopsis :

On the surface, Lake is a pretty regular 18-year-old. He has a beautiful girlfriend and a healthy love life with her. In fact, everything about Lake seems squeaky clean, except maybe for his odd fixation with old folks. After his mother lands him a summer job at a nursing home, he strikes up friendships with a few residents. Eventually Lake becomes smitten with and sexually attracted to one older gentleman who refuses to live by the rules. After L.A. Zombie, his wild splatter film about gay zombies (screened at the FNC in 2010), Bruce LaBruce, Canada’s most provocative filmmaker, is set once again to create controversy with a boundary-pushing story that breaks down stereotypes. The Ontario filmmaker loves tackling thorny topics, and it doesn’t get much thornier than a gay love story between a teenager and an 80-year-old man. Touching, funning and a little disconcerting, Gerontophilia even manages to depict the care given to a bedridden senior in a sensual way. To hell with taboos!