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los chidos

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez | 2012 | O.V. Spanish, English | S.T. English | United States, Germany, Mexico | 94min | color

Synopsis :

“The male ego, or male psyche, is a universal sickness… find the most oppressed culture in the world and you’ll most definitely find that they in turn oppress their own woman. God is a black lesbian.” — Omar Rodriguez Lopez, 2013

“... Shocking, violent, funny and made in a style unlike anything you've ever seen.” — Indiewire

“Fearless, forthright and gut churning commentary on the destructiveness of the male ego.” — Los Angeles Times

“One of the wildest, most innovative films of the year...” — Twitch

Art savant Omar Rodriguez Lopez (Mars Volta) returns to the Temps Zero fold (The Sentimental Engine Slayer, 2009) with another vivid mondo masterpiece, a sharply drawn satire that unequivocally proves that you’re only as sick as your secrets. Meet the hot mess that is the Gonzales Family, Mama, Papa, Hija, Hijo, abused, abuser. Hate yourself, hate the other. Six bigoted, mean-spirited sloths in search of synesthesia salvation and another taco. Their small business is rubber (they run a tire repair shop on the edge of an urban sprawl somewhere in Mexico). This brings them into contact with the uninitiated and the unwitting. Enter: “El Extranjero”, aka the tall white man with the thick American wallet (Kim Stodel), busted flat and stranded in the clan’s spiritual waiting-room cesspool of homophobic, misogynistic routine. It’s “Eat, Swear, Fuck” (with the Gringo). Part Buñuel, part Eating Raoul, the crazy blood and guts ugliness that ensues speaks truth to a defamed, debased patriarchal order. — Madeleine Molyneaux