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chennai express

Rohit Shetty | 2013 | O.V. , Telugu | S.T. English | India | 141min | color

Synopsis :

Tasked with fulfilling his grandfather’s dying wish of having his ashes scattered in southern India, Rahul reluctantly boards the Chennai Express. Truth be told, he’d rather just be partying. On the train, he meets a charming South Indian woman as well as the men who have kidnapped her on her father’s orders. Meena takes advantage of the language barrier between Rahul and her captors to sow confusion and attempt an escape.

Playing up intra-Indian cultural differences and misunderstandings, Chennai Express offers a glorious taste of India by rail, a generous dose of slapstick comedy and the kind of good old-fashioned adventure entertainment that Hollywood hasn’t deigned to do for years. The film introduces Deepika Padukone, a remarkable address who manages the impossible feat of upstaging Shah Rukh Khan — only the biggest star in the biggest film industry on Earth. The most anticipated Bollywood feature of 2013, Chennai Express did not disappoint, breaking every possible box office record this year. A marvelous romp that’s sure to make the ladies swoon and the gentlemen roar.