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go in the wilderness

Elza Kephart | 2013 | O.V. English | S.T. French | Québec/Canada | 61min | color

Synopsis :

Lilith awakes to find herself alone and elsewhere, adrift in the real world. How she got here is a mystery. She remembers having fled the Garden of Eden, fed up with Adam. She quickly begins to discover the fundamental human realities that had been alien to her: mortality, fear, hunger, but also freedom and the knowledge of what it really means to be a woman. She also meets a mysterious “Guardian” who has been sent to take her home. The return to Eden will not be easy, especially since during her absence Adam has found Eve.

Elza Kephart (Graveyard Alive: A Zombie Nurse in Love) once again shows how unique she is among contemporary young Quebec filmmakers with her telling of the original act of female emancipation. Her visually extravagant take on the Lilith story provokes and destabilizes through its narrative choices (existential wanderings through a phantom world), its understated style and the constant edge of absurdist humour it brings to the ancient story. The story of the world’s first rebel told in the manner of a Bergman-esque road movie.