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la chute de la maison usher ( the house of usher )

Jean Epstein | 1928 | O.V. English | S.T. French | France, United States | 63min | B & W

Synopsis :

Adapted from the Edgar Allan Poe story of the same name, The Fall of the House of Usher is a masterpiece of avant-garde French cinema. Laced with fantastical elements, it tells the tale of a husband who watches his wife’s state of health grow weaker as he continues to paint her portrait. Jean Epstein’s work carries on the tradition of German Expressionist film with its Gothic aesthetics, gloomy atmosphere and disconcerting closeups of stressed faces and wild staring eyes. This seminal work was also notable for advancing the cinematic language of the day, featuring some of the first uses of slow- and fast-motion and multiple exposure. Its dark and haunting soundtrack make this ode to melancholy perfectly suited to a concert film. The four Montrealers unknown as Rock Forest released their first album in February 2013. Working with mathematical precision, these teammates think they are some kind of research and development department. Their brilliant work reminds us of John Maus, Depeche Mode, Cut Copy and maybe some Boards of Canada. When playing live, the band is heavily armed with synths, big amps and neon lights. Subscribing somehow to the tradition of rock, their performances give that weird feeling of attending a club version of Genesis. Free outdoor screening in partnership with le Quartier des spectacles, Air France and STM.