A word from the directors

Nicolas Girard Deltruc

Executive Director


For the visuals of its 42nd edition, the Festival gave pride of place to Canadian artist Adad Hannah, who designed the poster based on his original photo The Screen, specially created for us as last year’s winners of the 27th Conseil des Arts de Montréal Grand Prix. The image perfectly reflects the spirit of this year’s Festival: stripped down, uncompromising, with no frills or frippery. Festivalgoers will be exposed to over 300 films from all over the world, as well as first-time-ever free outdoor screenings; a concert screening in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles; screenings with live commentary by their directors; a special event dedicated to fashion and cinema presented by the phenomenal Diane Pernet; a retrospective and installation celebrating the talent of Jonas Mekas, godfather of experimental cinema; a lineup focused on Syria and another on Brazil; FNC Pro professional events; a host of parties, performances, concerts and the many other surprises up our sleeves. The entire lineup will be made more accessible than ever by our brand-new electronic ticket office, faster, easier and much more efficient than before — no jacket required.

The 42nd edition could never have been pulled off without the hard work and dedication of a whole enthusiastic team of loyal and committed volunteers, partners and contributors. A big thank-you to everyone!


Co-Founder and programming director

Pleasure Activist

An exciting breath of fresh air!

The gang of veteran programmers at this year’s FNC offers a fine new crop of promising films, not to mention a host of amazing discoveries that will throw you into a state of total frenzy. From cinema to new media, these inspired and inspiring works extend across every section of our 42nd edition. World premiere or not, who cares! For you, we serve only the very best: films that matter, that hold up a mirror to the ups and downs of our glorious earthly existence. Be sure to check out our Focus section for its freshly harvested works by emerging Quebec filmmakers — Aboriginal Syrian, Turkish — whose roots reach far into the local soil and beyond. It’s a heady mix that provides a piquant and exciting breath of fresh air to made-in-Quebec cinema. When it comes to pleasing the most refined palates and sating the most voracious appetites, we’ve got what it takes!

Welcome to the sexiest festival of the Americas!