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  Philippe Gajan Short film > FNC Lab

A Breton in the land of Quebec, but of course. An engineer in the land of cinema, why not? After arriving to Montreal in 1994 as an engineer in aeronautics, I started to write for 24 Images in 1995, for ICI in 1998… and then for the Festival du nouveau cinema in 1999. And such is my calling: a film critic with an eye onto the world, a smuggler of gazes, passionate about rising to the call of seeing and hearing in new ways, beholding the whisper as outcry...

Riding the same momentum, I transitioned into programming in 2000, and editorship of 24 Images in 2005, not in order to play judge but to defend—inch by inch, work by work—a certain kind of off-the-beaten-path cinema, that which is championed by the Festival du nouveau cinema, and more specifically, that which is embodied by short films, the laboratories of free form and ideas.

Martin Legault
  Laurence Reymond Feature film

Laurence Reymond worked for several distributors in France: Ad Vitam, La Fabrique de Films, and Le Pacte. At the same time, she writes critics for the website, as well as magazines such as Cinéastes, Blast or Score. In 2011, she took part to the programming of the Rencontres Internationales du Moyen-Métrage in Brive. In 2012, she became member of the Selection Committee of the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs (Directors' Fortnight) in Cannes, and she joined the Festival du nouveau cinéma team.

  Madeleine Molyneaux Feature film > FNC Lab

I, Madeleine Molyneaux, FNC's U.S. Programmer, first made the media gossip columns at the hardened age of 2 1/2; my mother, a rabid cineaste boasted to a local newspaper that I had shocked the family by my droll recitation of impending World Wars, stopping at number 23, a dirty habit picked up by an addiction to newscasters on the "idiot box". (I practically slept on top of our black and white T.V set; I attribute it to osmosis...or mind control). My fate was sealed: a steady diet of at least 4 films a week, the more subtitled the better, nothing off limits. Punk rock was next.

Programming for FNC is perhaps not such a long voyage from my late-night radio days in Berlin, exposing listeners to a steady stream of interplanetary sonic life, carefully selected to provoke and excite.

My work as an FNC programmer, curator, weekend dee-jay and creative producer for visual artists and visionary auteurs, including David Jacobson (Down in the Valley, Dahmer) and Kevin Jerome Everson ("According To", FNC 2007, Whitney Biennial 2008) keeps me away from the idiot box most of the time. Shameless endorsement: Montreal is my most favorite city, followed by New Orleans and New York where I unevenly divide her time. If the election doesn't gobama, I just may be marrying a Canadian. Or blowing up a television or two.

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