Super Taboo
Su Hui-Yu

O.V. Mandarin | st English

Playing the role of an urban, white-collar worker, renowned actor Chin Shih-Chieh takes the viewer into a surreal, erotic scene by muttering passages of the “small book” , a pornographic publication (xiaoben).

TAIWAN | 19 minutes | 2017

Les Prédatrices

O.V. French

Two sisters fuck and kill in a pornographic extravaganza that puts women front and centre. X-rated cinema that looks for trouble (and finds it).
Galaxies away from your typical skin flick, Les prédatrices runs amok with the genre film, drawing heavily on such predecessors as Blood for Dracula, Freaks, Sisters and Dead Ringers. Thick as thieves, two women straddle the line between death and pleasure. In this dreamlike, anguished work, porn-star-turned-filmmaker...

FRANCE | 70 minutes | 2016


Friday October 13, 2017

Cinéma du Parc 2
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